CrossFit vs BURN

Over the years, CrossFit has gained momentum of lifting heavy weight for a lot of reps. Olympic lifts have become a big portion of the CrossFit program to develop skill and strength. We have followed in this direction with our programming to keep up with the sport. Too many times I hear from current members, “I am getting a lot stronger, but my cardio suffers.” You have two different directions that you could go when you work out. Let me explain, when you start a program, you either lean towards the lifting side or you go to the MetCon side. Most people will gravitate to their strength and constantly work on their strength. However, they usually never spend the time needed on the weakness. Cardio is typically everyone’s weakness. CrossFit is being a specialist in not one thing. The CrossFit Games are to see who is the fittest on earth. It is not to determine the fastest or the strongest. Those who are fittest overall. Trust me, they all have their weaknesses as well. But the difference is that they work on their deficiencies. A good goal for anyone is to be uncommonly good at the common things.

FOR EXAMPLE: Matt Fraser, the reigning Fittest Man on Earth. He is an amazing lifter, this was his background as an athlete. So, for the past couple of years in preparation, he focused on what?? Yep you got it, his cardio!! This guy knew that his Olympic lifts were exceptional and came more naturally. Now, he is the 2x Fittest Man on Earth. I know what you are saying, that he is professional athlete. My point is that we could spend more time on what we are focus on all aspects of our fitness to make a big difference in the gym, our life, our attitude, and our outlook on exposing our weaknesses.

At Fourth Street we have officially started our new program called Fourth Street BURN. We created BURN to balance out our current regimen. Fourth Street BURN is a different style of programming which achieves strength through reps and cardio intensity. BURN is moderate weight and kicked up cardio to stay (get) fit and stay (get) lean.

The bottom line is we created the BURN program to serve 2 purposes. ONE, to balance out our program. We want to offer you something that you can use in conjunction with your workouts to sharpen your cardio. Everybody needs to be better at cardio. With Fourth Street CrossFit programming gravitating to the weightlifting side, BURN is to complement the program to make you a more well-rounded athlete. TWO, offer something to focus on to meet your goals from a body/physique stand point. Face it, we are all working to change the look of our body or stay healthy. Let’s be honest, that is the reason why most people join a gym…to shed a few pounds. This makes you feel good and confident about yourself. This will allow people the chance to get comfortable with weightlifting and become healthier overall. BURN has the Oly lifts just not as heavy, you just move it more times and faster. If you feel like you didn’t get a good workout from Fourth Street BURN, you didn’t go hard enough! Grab a PULSE monitor and you’ll see how your body performs and where to push harder.